Only in Newfoundland….

Newfoundland is known for it’s beautiful scenery ~ ocean vistas, small quirky colorful villages, uninhabited wilderness, miles and miles of awe inspiring beauty, whales, icebergs, and puffins to name a few ~ a photographer’s dream!

Newfoundland is also known to have the friendliest people and most hospitable people!  They enjoy a good  laugh, telling a great tale and are truly interested in where you are from and who you are and want to give you the best Newfoundland Experience possible!

If you are visiting Newfoundland for the first time, one of the 1st things you will notice is the use of Newfoundland Slang across the Island.  We have our own sayings that you will find  “Only in Newfoundland”. To help you navigate your way around the island, here are some saying that you will hear on a daily basis!  Get ready for some amazing yarns (stories) and some amazing memories! Bring an extra memory card for your camera….will will definitely need it!

Ows ya gettin’ on b’y?~ How are you doing? ususually followed by Me Ducky, Me Love, Me Buddy meaning My Friend

Whadda y’at?  What are you doing?

Where’s y’long to? Where are you from?

Who owns ya? ~ Who are your parents?

Yes B’y ~ this saying could mean anything ~ No way, Something is hard to believe, that’s good, right on

Long may your big jib draw ~ A good wish for the future

Take a load off ~ Have a seat and relax

Oh me nerves! ~ something / someone is driving you crazy

What Odd’s! ~ who cares

Go on B’y or Go Way B’y ~ Not true / hard to believe

Proper Ting ~ That’s right

Give me a bitta dat Luh ~ I’ve have some of that, usually food.

See ya da once ~ I’ll be right over to see you

Stay where y’re to ’til I comes where y’re at  ~ Stay where you are until I get there.

Wadda ya at dere Buddy? ~ What are you doing my friend?

Some Shockin’ good! ~ Delicious!

You’re some crooked – you’re hard to get along with, grouchy

Cookin’ up a scoff ~ cooking food, usually Cod Tongues, Newfoundland Jiggs Dinner, Toutons, Caplin!

Enjoy your time in Newfoundland and “Long May your Big Jib Draw!”

Loving this Life Living “Around the Bay” ~ DD

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8 thoughts on “Only in Newfoundland….

    1. I didn’t see that episoe! Not many people from away say it right 🙂 The easiest way to pronounce it is to the think of the word “understand” and then say “Newfoundland” with the same long “and” at the end 🙂

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  1. So happy to have stumbled on your blog! Both sides of my husband’s family are from Bonavista, and your recipes will give me a leg up on foods he grew up with! I’ve only visited twice with him, to bring his parents’ ashes back home, as we’ve ended up living the opposite reach of the continent, in Nome Alaska. There’s a lot of similarity in the foods we share, so now I can prepare them Newfoundland style! We have both retired recently, and should we ever decide to uproot ourselves from our blustery, windswept peninsula, it would be to move to Newfoundland!

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