All About SEINT 3D Makeup!

If you have never heard of 3D Creme Makeup, it was created in the US by a Makeup Artist, Cara Killpack. It is paint by numbers for your face, applied in ONE LAYER and all your makeup is in 1 PALETTE! no more big dirty makeup bags and goodbye CAKE FACE! The Palettes are customized to you and your personal skin type and coloring. You only buy what you need so it SAVES you TIME and MONEY plus it’s so QUICK and EASY! It’s your new 5 MINUTE FACE!

Your Palette will include 2 Highlight Colors (aka your foundation and concealer), your Contour Color (to create dimension and shape) and a Lip+Cheek (saving you money as you only need one color for your blush and your lipstick). You will also get a brush and a magnetic Palette that holds ALL your makeup!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, it’s amazing on Mature Skin ! I’m 54 and I will never go back to traditional liquid or powder makeup! It’s the best makeup for ANY and EVERY AGE!!

A little bit about me….I began using SEINT 3D Makeup in December 2020 and immediately fell in love with how quick and easy it was to use, how great it covered my Rosacea and evened out my skin tone and it looked like I wasn’t even wearing makeup. It’s creme based and stays dewy, doesn’t dry out and looks so natural! I finally decided, after a year of using the products, to become an Independent SEINT Artist and I am loving the adventure so far! The best is getting my customer’s reviews and their Before and After pictures. One thing that is always mentioned is HOW GREAT IT COVERS WITH BARELY ANY PRODUCT! Our makeup is highly pigmented and our motto is “LESS is Definitely MORE“!

If you are curious, fill out my form below for a FREE COLOR Match. No Obligation to Purchase EVER! Simplify your Makeup Routine today! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you do decide to purchase! Ships to USA and CANADA.

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