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Welcome to my blog!! My name is DD to some and Donna to others 🙂 and I live in rural Newfoundland, Canada.

I will mostly be blogging about food and my love for cooking / baking!  I try to cook as healthy as possible but there will be sugar, butter, cheese, meat and all those other unhealthy indulgences sometimes. I also have a huge sweet tooth and if I have sweets in the house, that is usually the first thing I eat, breakfast, lunch, and / or dinner!

I am also an avid amateur photographer and I will be posting pictures of my beautiful province of Newfoundland under “The View from Newfoundland”  and of our life “Around the Bay”.  I love living in Newfoundland and cannot wait to share with you.

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

I started gardening last year when we moved here. There is a small greenhouse on the property and I have been busy trying to master the art of gardening! Not always successfully! So expect to see some posts with produce fresh from the garden and some great recipes.

I hope you enjoy my blog! Thanks for reading! 🙂

All photos on the blog, except for some food photos, are mine 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Loving this Life

    1. Thanks Sheila!! It is an amazing place if I do say so myself! July and August are usually the best months to visit but the fall is pretty amazing too!


  1. Thanks SKD! It means a lot when people enjoy my blog! I have only had a chance to have a quick peek at your blog but what I see, I love! Looking forward to receiving your posts 🙂


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